A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications

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The rapid growth of wavelet applications-speech compression and analysis, image compression and enhancement, and removing noise from audio and images-has created an explosion of activity in creating a theory of wavelet analysis and applying it to a wide variety of scientific and engineering problems. It becomes important, then, that engineers and scientists have a working understanding of wavelets.

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  • Until now, however, the study of wavelets has been beyond the mathematical grasp of many who need this understanding. Most treatments of the subject involve ideas from functional analysis, harmonic analysis, and other difficult mathematical techniques. Wavelets and their Scientific Applications offers an introduction to wavelet analysis without mathematical rigor, requiring only algebra and some very basic calculus.

    A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications

    The author stresses applications, and explains, using elementary algebra, how wavelet methods are typically applied in analyzing digital data. Software is available for download through CRC's Website that will enable recording, playing, and modifying sound files, and includes a facility for displaying, printing and modifying IEEE gray field images. Throughout the book the author provides numerous suggestions for computer experiments designed to challenge and enhance the reader's comprehension and provide practice in applying the concepts learned.

    Wavelets and their Scientific Applications thus provides the perfect vehicle for understanding wavelets and their uses. It provides a fast-track learning opportunity for scientists and mathematicians unfamiliar with wavelet concepts and applications, and it is ideal for anyone without an extensive mathematical background.

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