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To learn more, click here. This sugar surfactant offers formulations a boost through light and fluffy foam, easy rinse-off, and a squeaky-clean skin feel. Suitable for all skin types, GlucoTain Clear provides an ideal solution for refreshing, vitalizing shower products, hand wash, and 2-in-1 shower and hair products.

Solvay end-consumer tests for hair care formulation at Patrick Ahmed hair salon in Paris (France)

It supports the development of sulfate-free and CAPB-free formulations, and with its creamy foam, it leaves a squeaky-clean and nourished after-feel. This powerful sensory additive adds a deep caring after-feel to your rinse-off formulations. It is ideal for both cold processable and clear formulations. Hostapon SCI- 85 C INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a mild, anionic surfactant which gives high, dense and creamy foams making it suitable choice in the production of cream shampoos, body washes, etc. Excellent pearlizing shine at low use concentrations due to a special product manufacturing process.

It delivers excellent silky shine to shampoos at low use concentrations due to a special manufacturing process. This multi-purpose rheology modifier pre-neutralized gives formulations an excellent sensory benefit and is ideal for cream gels and aftershave products with melting sensorics, e. The ideal polymer for formulations with active ingredients.

Stabilizes particles like pearls, organic and inorganic pigments, zinc pyrithione, oil droplets and air bubbles in surfacant systems, synergestic effects with biopolymers. Aristoflex Velvet INCI: Polyacrylate Crosspolymer is a multi-purpose rheology modifier delivering soft, velvet skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations. Multi-purpose modifier delivering soft, velvety skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations, excellent solvent compatibility, particle stabilization, easy to add at any formulation step.

Consumer enthusiasm for safer, natural Personal Care is spreading to deodorants, reflected in the steadily increasing demand for new deodorants claiming to be aluminum-free. Coming from a family of natural moisturizers, it delivers a great after-feel on dry hair. Hair feels moisturized and manageable. Because of its properties, this hair conditioning agent can be also used in products for children. It is particularly efficient for thin and limp hair, delivering volume, shine and a breath of new life into hair. It will not make hair frizzy, can be used in many hair care formats, especially in silicone-free products, and it is very eco-friendly.

It also prevents further damage much better than current damage-protecting ingredients. As a natural hair active it penetrate through the cuticle layers and into the cortex for strengthening the hair from the inside out. This mild alkaline neutralizer is based on sugar. This UV filter provides a broad absorption spectrum, is highly photostable and compatible with most cosmetic ingredients.

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It's easy to formulate, allowing cold process formulation, and boosts efficacy for other UVB absorbers. Highly efficient in formulations even at low concentrations. Intensive protection from UVA filters. Easy to formulate, e.

New diploma in cosmetic formulation

The Green Performers range is composed by more than 50 ingredients that offers substantiated sustainable technologies for key building blocks of cosmetic formulations. As one of the main pillars of the Naturals platform, Origins celebrates both the wealth of global biodiversity and the magic of local roots. For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video. Derived from Piroctone Olamine, these highly efficient blends provide you with an all-in-one preservation — from formula to headspace.

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They are easy to handle and process. The product exhibits microbial activity against a wide range of bacteria, yeast and molds. This Cosmos blend is high on renewable ingredients, which makes it ideal for preservation of natural cosmetic products. An innovative alternative to parabens. Nipaguard SCP is part of the Nipaguard Zero line of optimized preservative blends that contain no parabens, yet deliver comparable performance. Nipaguard SCP is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent comprising a synergistic blend of Velsan SC in Phenoxyethanol designed for the preservation of a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries.

It provides activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Clariant Active Ingredients for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cosmetic skincares more. Clariant Active Ingredients has developed a range of natural actives for skin care products that optimize the biological process of melanin production. Our Active Ingredients skin care products modulate bacteria proliferation, decrease irritation and limit sebum production.


To prevent irritation and reduce atopic-prone skin conditions, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed natural actives for skin care products. Join us on a journey through the current state of mild surfactants and find the technology or formulation that best suits your needs. Please enter your contact information so we are able to process your request. Thank you for your interest. The link you activated will take you outside the Clariant site in about 10 seconds. If you want to stop this, press "Cancel". Industrial and Consumer Specialties. Any questions? Our experts are standing by to offer you more details.

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  • Would you like to get in touch with one of them? Yes No. Mild surfactants. Scalp and hair conditions have more of psychological impact in human societies.

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    • Even minor changes in hair like greying of hair, affects the self-confidence and self- esteem of an individual. Scalp disorders include fungal and bacterial infestations that cause problems like Tinea capitis or Pediculosis capitis. There are various types of Scalp disorders 2 some common and some uncommon. These include- Ref Fig. Some disorders have a definite cause while some may be idiopathic. Treatment of these disorders is important for personal hygiene. Definition: Dandruff is a common scalp disorder, characterized by presence of corneocytes that form clusters due to their high cohesive power, in the form of flaky white to yellowish scales, accompanied by itching 3.

      It has been observed that dandruff occurs mainly between puberty to middle- age, the phase when sebaceous glands are most active. Causes: The cause of dandruff varies among individuals, depending on their susceptibility.

      Causes can be classified into- a Microbial and b Non-microbial. Fungal: Malassezia furfur is considered as the leading cause of dandruff. The fungi - Malassezia can lead to dandruff by either or both of the following mechanisms-. Treatment: Treatment of dandruff can be done by adopting any or all of the following strategies: 7 Treatment strategies include: Refer Fig. Treatment of the Cause: This primarily includes use of anti-fungal agents like Zinc Pyrithione, Selenium sulphide, Ketoconazole, Climbazole, etc.

      Treatment of the Symptoms: This comprises of employing anti- proliferative like coal tar and keratolytic agents like Salicylic acid. Climbazole: It is one of the newer anti-fungal drugs used usually in combination or as a monotherapy Selenium Sulphide: Normally 1 - 2. Piroctone Olamine: Normally 0. Various combination products are marketed since they prove to be more efficacious. Some are enlisted in Table 2.

      DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

      Shampoos: These formulations are used to clean the dirt of scalp and other environmental pollutants, sebum, sweat, desquamated corneocytes and other greasy residues from previously applied hair care products Since shampoos contain surfactants as cleansing agents, they may remove excess of sebum which leaves the scalp skin dry and hair become frizzy and unmanageable. The main aim should be to develop a shampoo which removes only the right amount of sebum while leaving sufficient amount of conditioning agents.

      The basic ingredients of a shampoo have been listed in Fig. Synthetic detergents and conditioners play the role of cleansing and manageability, while all other ingredients are used to aid appearance, stability and marketability. Surfactants: These are amphiphilic in nature, i. The lipophilic end is used to bind sebum and oily dirt while the hydrophilic end binds to water, thus allowing removal of sebum with water.