Into the Dragons Lair (Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Adventure)

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April Show session details. Dread tales told in the dead of night! Character levels This adventure concerns a once-proud fortress that fell into the earth in an age long past. View this session by itself. Control a powerful stone statue like a mech! Meet a Sylvan god!

Dragon's Lair - DVD - Full Playthrough

Cavort with Saytrs, hang with the Hybsil, and spar with Centaurs! Fight off hoards of invading goblins and cultists using the Unearthed Arcana mass combat rules! Repeat exclamation points! Feb 27, This adventure module is meant to help the DM with providing content to their players.

This adventure is intended to run in the Forgotten Realms setting, but it can be compatible with any campaign setting, published module, or homebrew adventure. This is a side adventure for a party that is currently playing or has completed the starter box. The starter box does not mention what becomes of Glasstaff. In this adventure, he is out there plotting his revenge against those that disrupted his control of Phandalin. This module gives the characters a few defense building mechanics to prepare for a larger scale invasion of Phandalin.

Journey into the Realms by Joshua Raynack. Jan 29, Elfhunt by Jussi Svendon. In the Jungles of Chult lies Camp Highmore, a trading place in the heart of the wilderness.


Here the fittest rule, but an elf has recently tipped the scale of power by stealing secret military information. A group of adventurers are hired to track her down and bring her back to Camp Highmore. Valentine Love Adventure by Jussi Svenson. Feb 06, With this adventure you introduce both dungeons and dragons in the form of a love adventure where the party is sent to a cave ruled by the goblin Valentine to rescue a captured fairy dragon. This adventure also contains valentine specials, sections to help you make valentine more memorable.

Identity Crisis by Kalea Wolff.


In the City of Calimport, nothing is ever as it seems. A Mad Wizard's Convention returns as is yearly tradition. Coinciding with the Mad Wizard's Convention are elections for the 16 wards of Calimport. Southcrypt Falls by Keith Stonefield. Introduction: This is the second module in a series that follows up on furthering the adventure from the starter set Lost Mines of Phandelver.

Into the Dragon's Lair

This module contains two mini locations fit for exploration and brings characters further towards the climax brewing in the Sword Mountains. The first is a rescue mission of a noble from Waterdeep who has been captured while on adventure. The other is the threat from a chimera and her kobold horde. This is a stand alone adventure that can be easily modified to change location in order to suit your campaign. It also includes a few new monsters modified from previous editions, including the attack drake and kobold wyrmpriest.

Southcrypt Pass by Keith Stonefield. This is followed by investigating and securing the mountain pass across the Sword Mountains into the Kryptgarden Forest. Finding the pass is the easy part, securing it is another matter. Feb 16, A new threat preys on the local trade road. Rumored to have ties to the legendary undead wizards, Vecna and Acererak, Geoff the Dread Tailor has awakened to garner his revenge on the living. Monster in a Swamp by Kevin Melka.

Feb 01, A gypsy lord has asked you travel along a river into an unexplored swamp in search of the monster that killed his wife, and the reward is more gold than you've ever seen before! Are you brave enough to accept this challenge? Feb 20, An elven prince has asked you to venture to a volcanic island far out in the Trackless Sea to retrieve relics stolen centuries ago. The reward is considerable, but are you brave enough? Travel to small town in the throes of a mystery — precious things are turning up stolen, rumors of monsters abound, and ne'er-do-wells have recently shown up in the village.

The PCs must travel to the town to find a valuable gem, and along the way meet the eccentric residents of the small town while they unravel the mystery of the thefts and the supposed hidden treasure in the town. Temple of the Nightbringers by M. Jan 16, A tribe of goblins are raiding travelers on the Long Road, and our heroes decide to help. After a dangerous overland journey, they enter a mysterious abandoned temple where they encounter terrifying monsters, deadly traps, dark magic and a shocking secret. Will they survive the Temple of the Nightbringers? Terror at Triboar by M. A nameless horror stalks the lands around Triboar.

Livestock are slaughtered in the night, children are snatched from their homes, and terror has gripped the hearts of the people. Shadows on the Long Road by M. Mar 02, Travellers are going missing on the Long Road, on the mile stretch between Triboar and Longsaddle. Our heroes investigate and discover a haunted mansion with a dark history and a gruesome secret.

Their quest brings them to the very gates of hell itself, where an infernal abomination presents them with their greatest challenge yet…. The Phantom Galleon by Mark Breckon. Red Halls by Marty Rawls.

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Feb 03, Included in this inagural volume are five encounters to use within your existing campaign or else to link and form the basis of a campaign. Level agnostic, you can use with almost any adventure to add depth and flavor to your world. Oasis of the Ants by Michael Grapperhaus. Can the adventurers dig into the problem and exterminate the threat? Uniquely, at the end of the adventure the location itself becomes the reward, along with any new allies the characters have made along the way and any treasure they find.

The Long Night by Michael Rees. The adventurers become involved in the annual holiday of Midsummer in the small village of Wood Haven. As part of the celebrations unwed maidens are 'hunted' in the woods by their suitors but this year there is an uninvited guest. Seeking the Bored by Michael Robbins. Feb 22, Battle for the Undercity by Monica Valentinelli. Battle for the Undercity takes place underground in a section of a major city. The party will navigate sewers, worked tunnels, forgotten crypts, and freshly dug passageways to fend off adversaries in order to rescue hostages and return them safely to the surface unharmed.

Can your party emerge victorious and save the day? Talisman of the Dark Sorrow by Outpost Owlbear. Encounter in the Hills by P. Sightings of Orcs in the hills surrounding a frontier town has prompted the town master to offer a large bounty for anyone willing to bring back proof of an orc kill. Several bounty hunters have made the journey in an effort to collect, yet so far none have returned from their hunts to claim their prize.

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Could it be the rumors of Orcs are false and these hunters have simply gone on to the next bounty? Or could the threat lurking in the hills be greater than even the town master suspects? Enter the shadowfell intro by patrick mcgovern. Mar 03, Here is the intro for the Enter the Shadowfell saga. Note never got a chance to test product.

Gold Rushed by Randal Gallagher. The mayor of Middle Yaxley is far more familiar with goblins than anyone in a sleepy farming village should be.

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There is an ancient dwarf stronghold somewhere up the valley and while the gold that made them rich is now gone, the flow of freebooters looking for it has not. The mayor however knows that there is only one sure way of making money out of a gold rush…. When the actors, singers and strongmen of J. Little does the party know that this seemingly random occurrence will lead them into a plot larger than they could imagine, into a long-lost land where they will sort through through an ages-old feud to protect the future of an entire race.