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Mostly, this is a story about power seekers who will use any means, including employment of hired killers, to be the first to obtain this ancient knowledge. The book was OK, but my least favorite so far in the series. Nov 07, Jesse A rated it liked it Shelves: library-it-up , audiobook. Berry knows his niche and follows everything well. Nothing earth shattering but entertaining all the same.

Cotton Malone Series

The Charlemagne Pursuit is my 4th Steve Berry novel and my favorite so far. It follows the typical Steve Berry adventure formula, which is tried and true. I would like to see Berry go off road and surprise us sometime. Although a little longwinded in parts, forcing the reader to wait, a strong ending made it a worthwhile experience. Some may find the conclusion far-fetched, but there are real historical examples, including one in Turkey, discovered not so long ago.

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I know Steve Berry does extensive research, weaving both historical facts and plausible theories into his tales. Jul 10, Ike rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-in-macedonian , read-in , suspense , mystery-thriler , kultura , given-as-present. I didn't feel that this book was pages, full of suspense and adventure. I have to give it to my dad, he will love it and have to convince him to give me money to buy the other Steve Berry's book Fascinating theories posited here.

Once again, enjoyed the mysteries, action, and history lessons. And even a little politics. On to the next one! Nov 15, Steven Z. I have been searching for a post-election tonic as I contemplate the future. My solution has been Steve Berry novels. Cotton was ten years old when his father died aboard the submarine and the government never offered a detailed explanation of what had gone wrong.

Later in life during his naval and Justice Department careers Cotton tried to learn the truth to no avail.

Cotton Malone

After a nasty situation in Mexico had transpired, Malone decided to retire and purchased a bookstore in Copenhagen. A few years later the death of his father and the lack of information continued to gnaw at Malone and he convinces his former boss at the Magellan Billet, Stephanie Heller to provide him with naval documents that might lead to the truth. As is usual in a Berry novel the plot includes a version of history that is suggestive of a counterfactual approach.

In this case it involves Charles the Great, a. The volume is in the possession of Dorothea Lindauer, a woman who claims that her grandfather was also killed on the USS Belzak. It seems that Lindauer has a twin sister Christl Falk who approaches Malone to try and learn the truth of what took place in under the ice in Antarctica.

Ramsay has his own agenda when it comes to the USS Belzak.

The Charlemagne Pursuit

Ramsay, a man who has further career ambitions dispatches an assassin to take care of anyone who is digging into the events of November, It also seems that Edwin Davis, a deputy national security advisor to the president has an interest in learning the truth and despises Ramsay making for a series of interesting alliances among all the players involved. Also, two deputy national security advisors to the president each with their own agenda, and of course the president. All of these components are blended together nicely as Berry tries to keep the reader off balance. Mission accomplished, and the result is an excellent foray into what could be a past civilization, the interests of Nazi Germany, a major cover-up by the US government, and a group of egos that cannot continence each other.

Feb 17, Carol rated it liked it. My Thoughts: It's not a bad book by any means If I had depended on the description alone in choosing the book it would have rated very high as the subject was something that I am very interested in. As it turned out the characters were very hard to keep up with since the author jumped around in the time elements as well as what was taking place with each character in so many different localities.

The usual team that Cotton works with were nearly all absent except for Stephanie and she was scarce and really wasn't working with Cotton.

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If this had not been a group read I have to confess I probably wouldn't have finished it. The body was never recovered. When Cotton is approached by a mysterious woman named Dorothea Lindauer she tells him the real truth. His father actually died on a classified mission in Antarctica along with Dorothea's father who was also on board.

After requesting the classified file from former boss, Stephanie Nelle, Cotton teams with Dorothea and her twin sister, Cristl Faulk, to find out wha When he was ten, Cotton Malone's father, Navy Captain Forrest Malone, was lost in a submarine accident. After requesting the classified file from former boss, Stephanie Nelle, Cotton teams with Dorothea and her twin sister, Cristl Faulk, to find out what really happened back in He's looking for his father, but they are looking for some sort of evidence that there was an advanced society that has now disappeared.

Meanwhile Stephanie and deputy national security advisor, Edwin Davis, team up to try to find out why several of the men who knew about that mission are dying in different ways.

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The writing was choppy and the action moved from one subplot to another. There are four or five separate plot lines going on, none of them compelling. The characters are neither likable nor their motivations believable. Charlemagne didn't have much to do with the story and I believe he was only used to provide an interesting title. I've read and enjoyed the previous three books in the Cotton Malone series so I hope this was just a bad one. Overall, I'm glad this underwhelming and tiresome book is over. Would I read something else from this author?

In this one, Cotton Malone is investigating the circumstances surrounding his father death onboard a submarine, lost while executing a classified mission.

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Then his son continued his quest. The mystery surrounding Charlemagne and the ancient civilization was fascinating to me. The setting and the atmosphere was well crafted, and the characters well fleshed out. Ramsey, the general behind the conspiracy was murdered by his contract killer. McCoy was working undercover for the president. Davis killed Charlie, the killer. The USA will now use the translator to study the stones and books from the ancient civilization. I recommend it.

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  5. Feb 17, Eadie rated it liked it Shelves: audio , read I was a little disappointed in this book as it was not as good as the first three in the series. It started out as an interesting concept about finding out what was going on in Antartica but too much was going on with the other stories and made the book too choppy. I liked learning about Charlemagne and all the history but was spoiled by the weird sisters and their mother being involved.


    I thought the ending was a bit anti-climatic because there's no way I believe what they found and too many pe I was a little disappointed in this book as it was not as good as the first three in the series. I thought the ending was a bit anti-climatic because there's no way I believe what they found and too many people died in this story. It didn't seem like Cotton needed to be involved with that family. They were a waste of his time and energy. Here are a few points in order to make the next book better: 1. Steve Berry needs to write his own books as I can't believe he wrote this one.

    He needs to pick one event in history and write a story about that instead of having too many storylines going on at the same time. I like when Vitt and Thorvalsen are in the story and it worked before so don't change that.